Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilota chenyi)


With all the crazy morphs on the market today, a beautiful, high contrast Jungle Carpet still turns heads. We're working with an outstanding group of brightly colored pure Jungles that are holding their color into adulthood. Our adults produce quite a bit of variability in appearance. From classic patterns, to unusual, busy patterns, there is something for everyone. I traditionally hold on to clutches for at least 1 year to get a feel for how they are going to turn out. This can be cost and labor prohibitive at times. But it's worth doing because it allows me to:

A) Hold back the best for future breeders

B) Better understand their development, and communicate with my customer those with the best genetic potential.

Our genetic lines at this time include Selective Origins (Turner), and Hamper/unknown produced by John Battaglia/Morelia Trophy Club.


75% Diamond x Jungle python (Morelia spilota x Morelia spilota chenyi)


I acquired my founding animals from Python Pete many years ago. This particular line is well known for the highest quality Diamond intergrades. I can vividly remember walking around the NRBC in Orlando with my new snakes in hand. Many people commented "nice diamonds". They were surprised when I told them they were 75%. I've produced quite a few of these over the years, and collectors love this particular cross. You get the high diamond pattern, coloration of a Jungle, and none of the difficulties of a pure Diamond. They make great pets, display animals, or breeding stock.


Irian Jaya Jaguar Carpet python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli x Morelia spilota ssp.)


My adult 75% IJ Jags were produced by Anthony Cappanetto, with full genetic lineage available. I selected my group for a reduced pattern, which shows a clean, bright appearance. From our pairings, we've produced very nice 75% IJ Jags, and also bred a pure Irian Jaya to them to make 87% IJ Jags. They're still young, but show a lot of variability and potential. Very few display neuro symptoms, as well. In upcoming breeding trials, we plan to do some mixing and matching with other Morelia to see what possibilities exist.

Irian Jaya Carpet python (Morelia spilota ssp.)


Our adult pair is 75% GQ line from Cappanetto's stock. We've bred them into the IJ Jags, and also had our first clutch of pure IJ's in 2012. That was a very rewarding breeding for us. It was a small clutch, but the babies were beautiful and so different from other Morelia we've worked with. We held back a pair of the brightest, red babies to utilize for the future. We plan to do this pairing again for 2014.